Bix Basement Systems Case Studies: Repairing of an Old Farm Bridge

Monday, April 20th, 2015 by Rosemary Caboth


The challenge for Bix Basement Systems was an old farm bridge that gave the only access to both sides of the customer’s property. It is a limestone bridge that was giving way due to erosion and settling, there had been a concrete slab put underneath to help with the issue. The problem continued to worsen with more erosion and settling along with the full creek’s water pulling on it as well.


The Bix team along with FSI figured out a way to solve this customer’s bridge issues. The team collaborated to place 6 Geo-Lock Anchors to pull and hold the concrete slab in place. Brian was standing in waist high water drilling into the slab to place the anchors. We typically dig out from the structure about 12 feet, the team decided to have the best results they would dig out 24 feet while digging down 12 feet. As Brian tightened the anchors the team could see immediate results.

Customer Testimonial:
In speaking with Allen, he couldn’t thank our team enough for taking on this unusual project. He stated, “Brian did a fine job.” He was pleased with the work and most excited that the job is done. Allen stated, “The team was very professional. Heath came out, I didn’t expect your project manager to personally come see me, but he did and was very professional. Heath explained what they would be doing so that I could understand the process.” Allen was pleased with our workmanship along with our professionalism.

Project Summary

Heath Marmion: Production Manager

Brian Stein: Production Foreman

Jeff Kortan: Director of Engineering for FSI

Jason Yacko: Sales Manager

Rodney Oard: Systems Design Specialist

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