Foundation Repair with Piers

Monday, May 11th, 2015 by Rosemary Caboth

In order to get your foundation problem fixed permanently, you'll first need to know exactly what's needed for your unique problem. Issues like stair-step foundation cracks, buckling walls, and sagging floors can be devastating to your home's value and make you feel bad about the way your home looks and feels. Our foundation repair systems are designed to do more than just permanently repair your home -- they're also designed to return your structure back to its original position. Whether your home is experiencing structural damage from foundation settlement, hydrostatic pressure, soil washout, frost, or some other force, we have the products that you need to permanently solve your problem and restore value to your home.

When soils are unable to bear the load of the structure on top of it, that structure must sink downwards into the ground. This is true with homes, concrete floors, chimneys, and many other structures. Piers can solve settlement problems by transferring a structure's weight to strong, competent supporting soils at greater depth. Piers can effectively stabilize a settling structure and can even provide jacking points to lift the structure upwards to its original, level position.

We have a variety of warranted foundation repair products that can solve settlement issues of all kinds, including the following:
- Horizontal or Vertical Foundation Cracks
- Tilting Chimneys
- Jamming Doors & Windows
- Inward Leaning at the Wall's Top
- Cracking/Sinking Slab Floors

Our foundation pier system is installed by one of our in-house crews of foundations experts, who are all trained and certified through Foundation Supportworks Inc. The foundation pier systems are black steel and galvanized steel that have long-term strength and corrosions resistance. They can be installed year-round and have a 25 year Manufacture's warranty, along with the Bix Basement Systems performance and installation warranty.

Here at Bix we have two types of foundation pier systems. We have a push pier system and a helical pier system.

Foundation Push Pier System is a high-strength round steel tube. It has a patent-pending external sleeve that strengthens the pier at the critcal tension point below the bracket. It is used best when the soil conditions are unknown, providing a permanent solution. Some advantages to using the Push Pier System are that this system is the best opportunity to lift the home back to the original position with minimal disturbance during the installation. The push pier system is a fast and effective install and reaches a greater depth than any other option. The average load on each pier during the load transfer operation is generally less than 75% of the load during pier installation.

The Foundation Push Pier System work by first removing the soil to expose the foundation footing where the pier will be driven and a heavy-duty steel bracket is installed below the footing. Next the rugged interlocking steel pier sections are hydraulically driven through the bracket until bedrock or stable soil is reached. The weight of the home is then transferred through the piers to the load-bearing soil. Once that is completed the foundation contractors may attempt to lift the foundation, elevating the settled foundation back to its original position. After the home owner and the foundation contractor are satisfied, the soild can be backfilled. The home is now permanently stabilized in its new spot.

Helical Pier System has helical plates welded to the pier shaft to help pull the pier into the soil during installation and to provide anchoring strength as the weight of the foundation or structural element is transferred to the pier. The helical pier system has the advantage of being installed year-round while being a fast and effective install. It also stabilizes light structures such as decks or concrete stairs. It can also help lift settled foundations back to the original level. Helical piers can also be effective at closing cracks caused by settlement, as well as improving the operation of doors and windows.

The Helical Pier System piers can be installed from either the exterior or interior of your home, providing an opportunity to lift your home back to its original position by the end of the installation time. The soil is removed from the area where the helical pier will be installed and is mechanically "screwed in," or advanced into the soil and installed to the appropriate depths and capacities preventing any future settlement issues. Once the depths are achieved heavy duty steel foundation brackets are positioned below and against the foundation footing. This will create a solid supporting base that transfers the weight of the home through the helical pier to deep, competent soils lifting the home back towards its original position attempted. Then the soil will be backfilled.

If your home is showing signs of foundation settlement of any kind, we at Bix Basement Systems can help you. We provide foundation repair in Quincy, Hannibal, Macomb, Kirksville, Fort Madison, Keokuk, Pittsfield, Palmyra, Mount Sterling, Rushville, West Burlington, Carthage, Canton, Kahoka, Hamilton, Mason City, Memphis, Colchester, and the surrounding areas in Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri.

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