Case Studies

Putting a Stop to Cracking Walls
Customer was experiencing multiple cracks in the drywall of the living space in their home. They were specifically worried about where the wall and the ceiling meet. This...
Waterproofed Basement to Beautiful
This customer in Canton, IL has had water coming into their basement for 42 years. It was getting very old to deal with. If there was over 3 inches of rain the basement would...
Home Saved in Cuba, IL
This customer reached out to Bix because his block walls were having issues. The southside wall at the front of the house was starting to cave in. There was a 6 and a half...
Repairing of an Old Farm Bridge
The challenge for Bix Basement Systems was an old farm bridge that gave the only access to both sides of the customer’s property. It is a limestone bridge that was giving...
Waterproofing a historic 18th Century Home
The challenge for Bix Basement Systems was to take a damp, musty, basement environment that utilized the 18th century construction practices and create a dry, functional space....
Bix Basement Systems Helps Restore the Historic Fort Madison Fox Theater
Bix Basement Systems recently helped restore the basement of the historic Fox Theater in Fort Madison, Iowa.  For years this theater has had a very wet and musty...
130 Year Old Home in Fort Madison, IA
This house in Fort Madison, IA has 130 years of history. Currently vancant, this basement had issues with mold, moisture and water. 
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