Work Requests in Quincy

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Learn more about Bix Basement Systems' recent work requests in Quincy, IL
Vicinity of Oak in Quincy
We had a house inspection done trying to sell our house and the inspector said that we need a vapor barrier in the crawl space under the house. As well as having someone look at what is down there to see if it is fungal growth or not.
Vicinity of Woodlawn Ct in Quincy
We get water in our basement. It's a stream when it rains. Not full on flooding. Half of our basement is finished. Half unfinished. And some crawl space.
Vicinity of in Quincy
Large cracks in walls and ceilings and some buckling in concrete basement floor
Vicinity of East Avenue in Quincy
Need a small portion of our front sidewalk raised and leveled so it doesn't collect dirt/mud.
Vicinity of Northridge Ct. in Quincy
Seepage around basement walls
Vicinity of in Quincy
Water seepage on north basement wall during really wet years.
Vicinity of Madison St in Quincy
Wet basement has taken on water.
Vicinity of College Avenue in Quincy
Vicinity of S Lake Shore Drive in Quincy
Vicinity of in Quincy
Water leaking into basement
Vicinity of Quincy Ave in Quincy
Basement flooding
Vicinity of in Quincy
I have an outdoor building with a large 'spider' crack that would like to get a quote on. The building is about the size of a one car garage. The center point of the crack is 1/3 of the way of the building and the ends (3 of them) meet 3 different outer walls. Please contact me with any questions. Thank you!
Vicinity of in Quincy
Water in basement after heavy rain, can see daylight through wall in crawlspace, basement is generally very old and probably needs service. (FYI I work nights so I might not answer calls right away)
Vicinity of Prairie Ave in Quincy
Reoccurring water in the basement despite having 2 sump-pumps. Minor puddles, not knee high water.
Vicinity of Birdie Lane in Quincy
Wet carpet in basement. West wall.
Vicinity of in Quincy
Walkway between driveway and front porch is eroding/sinking; interested in an estimate to fix the problem.
Vicinity of Jefferson St. in Quincy
I am interested in getting an estimate on repairing my leaky basement. I am starting the process of moving/selling my home and feel that the leaky basement is going to be a red flag for buyers. I'm looking for the most cost effective solution while still fixing the issue.
Vicinity of Washington in Quincy
Vicinity of Country Haven in Quincy
We have water seeping in our basement through the south wall.
Vicinity of Glencrie Dr in Quincy
Just moved into our new house and began work finishing our walkout basement. Rains a few weeks ago brought water into the basement.
Vicinity of Wilmar Orchard Ct in Quincy
Sidewalk and driveway leveling
Vicinity of Elmwood Dr West in Quincy
I have a slab next to the house 4' x 24' that has sunk in the back due to previous owners upkeep. Only need this lifted.
Vicinity of Hickory Grove N in Quincy
We have a crack in our basement that was sealed before we bought our house that sounds like it has air coming out of it. I just want to make sure it's fixed right before it leads to a bigger problem.
Vicinity of Oak in Quincy
We are getting water in the finished part of our basement after it rains.
Vicinity of Random Ct in Quincy
Would like to add an egress window to the basement.
Vicinity of in Quincy
We have a particular room/corner of our house that has had water in the past. We would like to finish our basement and want to ensure to have no water in our basement.
Vicinity of Madison in Quincy
We have 3 spots in our basement letting in water. The basement has a damp smell because of this and we are worried of mold. There is heavy cracking in the floor of our basement, as well as shifted areas where some parts of the floor are raised at an angle.
Vicinity of in Quincy
Sagging floor and bricks without mortar
Vicinity of in Quincy
Water in basement
Vicinity of Curtis Creek Road in Quincy
Water leaking through floor on the south side of the house, in basement.
Vicinity of St. Ludgerus Rd. in Quincy
Damp, dirty etc.
Vicinity of Spring Lake Dr in Quincy
Egress Window Installation
Vicinity of Country Club Drive South in Quincy
Sinking concrete patio and retaining wall cracking
Vicinity of Washington in Quincy
My basement gets a lot of water when it rains. I'm wanting to stop this so that there's no mold.
Vicinity of Silverthorne in Quincy
Would like to add an egress window in my basement before I finish the living space
Vicinity of Loren Dr in Quincy
I would like an estimate on repair of the Bix system in my basement and finishing of the concrete floor.
Vicinity of Madonna Dr in Quincy
We have a big mold problem in our basement laundry room, and also the leak that has caused it that needs fixed under one of the basement windows.
Vicinity of in Quincy
I live on a slab and I I have water coming up through my carpet into the middle of my living room. It isn't by a wall or anything, just right in the middle of the room. I need to see if you can access the issue and provide me with a quote. I have a keypad to enter my home so I could provide you with that code and you could just swing by whenever convenient?
Vicinity of Hampshire Street in Quincy
We would like to finish our basement. However over the last two days it has been wet. We need to figure out where the water is coming from and if it can be fixed, so we can possibly finish our basement.
Vicinity of Curtis Creek Rd in Quincy
Basement has a couple large cracks in the wall, and water leaks through them when it rains
Vicinity of Queen Anne in Quincy
I have a block foundation that has a continuous crack in the joint lines on two opposing walls. Appears to be affecting the main floor at one end with cracks in ceiling and walls.
Vicinity of Locust in Quincy
Water seeping through basement wall
Vicinity of Ohio St in Quincy
Water in the basement.
Vicinity of in Quincy
I need a foundation inspection
Vicinity of in Quincy
South and West sides are settling ... south wall has crack at base that zig zags all the way to the roof.
Vicinity of Glencrie Drive in Quincy
We have a leak in the basement every time it rains.
Vicinity of Harrison in Quincy
Basement water problems in the church.
Vicinity of Christoper Ct in Quincy
Garage floor needs raised. In one corner
Vicinity of E Tower Rd in Quincy
Way too much water coming into the house via footer tiles. Currently it appears that the sump pump is the only means to get water away from the house (no gravity drainage that I'm aware of). During these past few days our sump has been kicking on every 13-15 seconds. Landscaping was done to divert water away from the house however it appears to have made it worse.
Vicinity of Madison in Quincy
1 - Support Beam Footings - evaluate and determine plan for replacement 2 - Exterior step cracking - plan to stabilize foundation 3 - Correct cracks between blocks 4 - Review area to determine reason for foundation settled. Notes: Floor slopping towards center; landscaping is currently in place; would need to discuss plan.
Vicinity of in Quincy
I own a small 1 1/2 story house and it is settling on the NW corner, It has a stone foundation like most of the house built in this area. would you please come by and look at it and let me know what can be done to bring it back to level. Thank you.
Vicinity of Wilmar Orchard in Quincy
We have an unfinished basement that we would like to update to add more living space to our house. Looking for an estimate on what you guys would offer. Open to suggestions as well.
Vicinity of Kentucky St. in Quincy
I have a stone foundation and the house is over 150 years old. The mortar between the stones is deteriorating.
Vicinity of in Quincy
I have a 100+ year old farm house. Our basement is a concrete floor and our walls have been leaking for years. I am looking to have our foundation fixed.
Vicinity of in Quincy
Needing a quote on having a section of our driveway and sidewalk leveled.
Vicinity of Washington in Quincy
A few years ago our sump pump went out and our basement flooded. Since then, when there are heavy rains, we have water in the basement. Mostly in the corners but some cracks in the floor.
Vicinity of Prairie Avenue in Quincy
We would like to finish the basement in our historic bungalow in a couple of years, but before we spend time and money on renovations, we would like to fix a few water issues. We would like to fix these issues now and give it some time between when they are fixed and before we renovate so that we know the issues are resolved.
Vicinity of Aldo Blvd. in Quincy
Basement has water entering around the corners, through cracks in the center of the floor and from a water meter pit.
Vicinity of Pine Tree Road in Quincy
We are looking to possibly buy this house and want an estimate to know the costs of repairing the basement which has already been flooded.
Vicinity of in Quincy
Slab is sinking in the back of house.
Vicinity of Madison in Quincy
Dirt basement takes on significant amount of water when it rains. Need to look into sealing basement off and possible water pump installation. Also look into mold.
Vicinity of Lindell Ave in Quincy
3 year old patio in back of house tilts towards the house instead of away, funneling water to the house and window well, allowing water to leak into the basement.
Vicinity of S SHERIDAN DR in Quincy
Need to see if i can get my drive way leveled it needs it bad
Vicinity of Holly Drive in Quincy
Looking to get a free estimate to permanently remove standing water in a crawl space and perhaps add a vapor barrier
Vicinity of Covington Ln. in Quincy
We have a section of our back patio that butts up to our foundation that is washed out. Our deck sets on top of the existing patio.
Vicinity of Curtis Creek Rd in Quincy
Need to have my bacement looked at for leaks and find a possible solution for repair.
Vicinity of Quincy Ave in Quincy
Bowing basement wall, concrete block
Vicinity of Chestnut in Quincy
I want to insulate the crawl space in my house to save on energy bills
Vicinity of Ohio in Quincy
Bought house to remodel for rental back corner foundation has settled need a price for raising back or ideas on fixing
Vicinity of Elm St in Quincy
I have lived in this house for 10 years and beginning this year, we are getting water in the basement.
Vicinity of Payson Ave in Quincy
Basement walls seeping water. Block wall foundation.
Vicinity of Broadway in Quincy
We have basement water issues at our office.
Vicinity of Shady Acre Lane in Quincy
We have a block wall (approx 14' L x 6'H) that is falling over. It is not supporting a structure, but may be retaining dirt that supports a structure. Need to know if it can be removed or needs repaired and the cost associated with the project.
Vicinity of Hanley Road in Quincy
Slab of concrete next to garage settling.
Vicinity of Monroe in Quincy
Wanting to keep my basement dry and finish the walls in order to remodel it
Vicinity of Josephine Drive in Quincy
One area of finished basement leaks during heavy rains
Vicinity of Gayla Dr in Quincy
I have water leaking through an old window in my basement. I have been thinking of using the window to install an egress window. Possible a quote on all my windows as well since they are all older. I also would like my two sump pumps to be checked over and maybe switched. One pump has dried up, which happens to have my battery backup pump in. I would like battery backup pump switched over to the currently working hole.
Vicinity of Monroe St in Quincy
Basement has a lot of water coming in need an estimate on repairs please.
Vicinity of Lindell Ave in Quincy
We have drainage issues that we have ignored and has lead to our block basement walls developing cracks and buckling. We get water in most rains
Vicinity of in Quincy
Basement wall is leaning water in basement
Vicinity of in Quincy
Sinking Front Porch
Vicinity of in Quincy
Water seeps in at 3 spots.
Vicinity of Monroe St in Quincy
Water in basement in one corner at time of heavy rains, moisture along walls causing pain to peel
Vicinity of Jefferson St in Quincy
Water in basement, I think I need sump pump and drain tile.
Vicinity of Tiffany Ln in Quincy
Hydrostatic Pressure, Not sure if drain tile exists with current sump pump. Maybe consider interior drain system if needed.
Vicinity of Willer Dr S in Quincy
Moderate rain water leaks in through concrete wall at two places... 1)Where sewer line exits 2)Where recent water line was installed. I have existing sump pump with adjacent floor drain but water doesn't flow there well. Bare concrete floor through out basement
Vicinity of HAWTHORNE HILL RD W in Quincy
We have never had water in our finished basement...until now. There is a long crack in the basement floor and the water is coming up through the crack. Can this be fixed? Can you give me an estimate? Thank you.
Vicinity of Hampshire in Quincy
Water coming up through floor and in through corners of basement during heavy rain.
Vicinity of in Quincy
I have a small basement which keeps seeping water when we get a lot of rain. How much to install a sump pump?
Vicinity of Kentucky Rd in Quincy
Basement is leaking in water in several areas when it rains. Would like repair estimate soon.
Vicinity of College Ave in Quincy
I am looking to stop water from coming into my basement so that I can utilize the space. The house is 750 sq ft. I am considering doing the project myself, but would like an estimate to see if it is worth it.
Vicinity of Big Valley Rd in Quincy
Basement gets water in it after hard rains. Drain is plugged.
Vicinity of in Quincy
Need to get an estimate on perimeter drain repairs. Several seals are broken and leaking. Thanks!
Vicinity of College in Quincy
Just waterproofed the basement walls with waterproofing material (cement fiberglass, etc) and the leaking is actually at the base of the wall with the floor seam
Vicinity of Elmwood Drive West in Quincy
I have water leaking into basement on my east facing wall. The mortar lines around the cinder blocks are starting to break away. Would like to finish the basement in the future.
Vicinity of Maple in Quincy
Block foundation cracks and leaks
Vicinity of West Hilltop Dr in Quincy
I have water leaking in my basement where there is a small crack in the wall
Vicinity of Jefferson in Quincy
Our foundation is rock. We have several leaks in heavy rains.
Vicinity of Maas Rd in Quincy
I've got a crack in my basement foundation. Can you come out to inspect it and provide a repair estimate?
Vicinity of Jefferson in Quincy
I am seeing cracks inside my home on the north east corner of the building.
Vicinity of in Quincy
We just bought a house about a year ago... we just love it but we knew that the basement was going to be a issue... we constantly have water running into the basement and have a huge crack along the wall... right now we are shopping around to find the best... so we can eventually have a finished basement maybe even a walk out:) Thnk you for your time,Brittney
Vicinity of in Quincy
Cracking walls, ceiling pulling away from drywall, stone basement rubble seems to be everywhere all the time, doors sticking or not closing like they used to, wood floor panes seem to be coming apart.
Vicinity of Fox Run East in Quincy
I have 2 retaining walls outside my basement door that walk up into my back yard that are starting to crack, lean and fall in. I can see dirt leaking in between some of the brick. Is there anything that your company can do to help fix this or at least stop it from getting worse? Thanks!